Sit spot. Today I got to know the blackcap a bit more closely.

«Animals are living secret lives all around us all the time. As we become more aware of nature, we can become connected to them as fascinating beings we share the world with. Though it may seem obvious, these animals are individuals with their own temperaments, territories, styles and sometimes families. To some extent, we can become participants in their stories, which are perennially unfolding on the landscape.

One of the best ways to do this is simply by spending time outdoors sitting in quiet awareness. It appears to be emergent instinct for people to find a particular place in nature that they visit over and over again to do this. At Wilderness Awareness School, this is known as your Sit Spot. By visiting the same place in nature many times, a relationship is developed; you get to know the place in all kinds of weather, many times of day, throughout the seasons, and from a variety of your own states of mind.

A Sit Spot can become like an anchor in your life -- a place to settle down, cultivate present-moment awareness and a quieter mind, and to observe the flow of reality occurring around you. It's also a place where you can notice what the animals are up to. And they can get to know you. By visiting your Sit Spot, you may begin to discover which birds tend to sing first at sunrise, the circuit a mother raccoon follows each morning with her little ones, where the deer like to bed down, and where a robin sits fluffed over sky-blue eggs. Over time, you can notice the changes that occur with the inhabitants of your spot, how they interact, what their rhythms and routines are, and where new events come into play.» — Wilderness Awareness School (more here)